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We give horse riding lessons for kids from 3 Years old to High School. From beginners to advanced riders. Kids, this is just for you. How would you like to ride horse once or more per week?  Where oh where will the horse magic stop?  The horse riding school for boys and girls. Come to the wonderful horse world of Peppermint Park.Come to the riding school. To peppermint Park where the horses laugh. Where they make friends and help you heal. Where they make you feel great and special.Let your horse riding be fun as can be.Giddy-up here. Giddy-up there.

You can ride horse like a star my dear.

Every week is fun and full of joy.Right here at Peppermint Park where the horses laugh.
I see some of your friends are having great fun.They keep on asking, ‘When are you coming to play?’ Here at Peppermint Park, where the horses laugh when they neigh.The horses wants to be your friend, they want you to have fun.Here at Peppermint Park where the horses laugh when they neigh.Learn to ride horse at the place where the horses smile and happily laugh when you come and ride. ‘When oh when boy and girl will you come see me’ says your horse here at Peppermint park.

At Peppermint park the horses comes first.

My horses allow me to offer you the opportunity to ride.They allow you the opportunity to become a riding star.They allow those with cerebral palsy and down-syndrome,to escape the prisons they are entrapped in. For awhile.Without these horses, none of us could ride.You cannot be a champion show-jumper without the horse,or a dressage super-star, if it was not for the horse.And that is why they come first.If you train by force and by instilling fear, your achievement is hollow and artificial.But when it comes from love,
a synergy forms between rider and horse.

And that is when your dream becomes reality.One fun riding lesson at a time.
You will become the dream.Practice, makes perfect. Everyday, in every way, you become better and better team.If you have a passion for horses. You are going to love it at Peppermint Park.

-Heidi Pistorius-